Saif Ali Khan’s Son, Ibrahim Doesn’t Care About Your Knee-Ripped Jeans

Take it from us: we know our denim. And we know what good jeans or bad jeans are. The moment a celebrity wears anything way-too-dropped crotch, we’re quick to push them under the bus. But that’s how we roll, and that’s how our payroll rises.

And talking about denim, we’re sure you’re versed with the existence of knee-ripped jeans. Jeans that are simply—ripped/holed at the knees. Something a lot of men out there (including Ibrahim Khan), are flaunting at airport terminals and on the cobbled streets of the city. However, if you possess the sight of a goddamn hawk, you’ll notice something amiss in these ripped jeans here.

ibrahim khan©Viral Bhayani

You’re right, they’re not knee-ripped jeans—there’s only a single rip on the knee. In all probability, it’s either a DIY-version of a pair of ripped jeans, or something you’d also find in a menswear blogger’s closet. Clearly, the style kid doesn’t care about your conventional knee-ripped jeans.

Bringing us to the statement that Saif Ali Khan’s son, Ibrahim is essentially just a minute away to being a big style maven. And even though he sticks to very casual gear, he always maintains himself as a safe sartorial player (only until, he turned the tables with this outfit). Here’s a glimpse of the man’s style history for you:

ibrahim khan©Viral Bhayani

ibrahim khan©Viral Bhayani

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