Contrary to what some people may think, just because a woman is pregnant doesn’t mean she has to be sedentary the further along she gets. In fact, if a woman has always enjoyed being active, they can continue to be quite active well into their third trimester. Just ask Nkateko Maswanganye. The choreographer and founder of the Rockingheels Dance Workout in South Africa has caught the Internet’s attention with sick moves like these at 33 weeks — in heels:

But she doesn’t just dance quite well while pregnant. Maswanganye was also hitting the gym like she was working out for one a day before:

Amazing, right? She loves to move and hasn’t let pregnancy stop her from doing that.

She is one of many women who can bust a serious movie while with child, and plenty of women, famous and everyday, have taped themselves doing just that. Check out other women who remind people that pregnancy is an amazing thing! Not a disability.


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