NYC Teacher Sues Principal For Sexually Harassing Her At Work Because She Broke Up With Him

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Photo Credit: Public School Review

After a teacher at a Brooklyn high school decided to end her relationship with the school’s principal for cheating on her, the sweetheart turned scorned lover made her life at work miserable. According to The New York Daily News, the teacher, Jordan Barnett, is now suing principal Steve Dorcely for sexual harassment while working together at Urban Action Academy, which allegedly lasted two years.

Barnett accuses Dorcely of making inappropriate sexual comments and gestures towards her and accusing her of discriminatory actions that she did not commit.  He also gave her poor performance reviews, embarrassed her in front of others and had her investigated four times in the past six months.

Dorcely was quite the creep according to the court documents. While Barnett was discussing having two cysts in her breasts due to stress with a colleague, Dorcely overheard and commented “That’s because no one is sucking on your breasts.” Another incident occurred when Barnett bent over to plug in her phone charger and Dorcely came up behind her and told her “Put your butt on me.”

Barnett ended their relationship after finding out that Dorcely was having an affair with another woman at their job.

Barnett is seeking an undisclosed amount in the lawsuit.

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