14 Gift Ideas for the New Parent

MAKE NO MISTAKE, parents: We love technology, but we don’t need robots to play with or care for our kids. That’s the fun part. There are so many innovative solutions to make the gross, grueling parts of this amazing, fulfilling, nothing-like-it, etc. job just a little easier than it was before. We have 13 of them for you here.

Innobaby Bath Scrub
Oh, the horror—the horror!—of cutting open a child’s little rubber bath toy and finding a nest of black mold within! These soft, silicone bath scrubbers are much softer than they look and come in adorable fish shapes. They’ll never buy another tiny, ineffectual wash cloth or disgusting rubber ball again. Buy for $10.01-Innobaby-Bath-Fish-SOURCE-Innobaby.jpg

Becoming Brilliant
Instead of scouring the internet or soliciting word-of-mouth advice on how to raise smart, successful progeny, why not turn to the reassuring arms of science? Two developmental psychologists offer research-based solutions for parents hoping to help their children succeed in critical areas like creativity, collaboration and communication. Buy for $16.02-Becoming-Brilliant-SOURCE-Amazon

NoseFrida the Snotsucker
This adorable and delightfully disgusting nasal aspirator is approximately fifteen zillion times more effective (rough estimate) than those ubiquitous blue rubber bulbs. Every parent needs a fast, effective way of giving their little disease vector some nasal relief. Buy for $15.03-Nosefrida-the-Snotsucker-SOURCE-Fridababy<img
The only thing worse than having a sick baby or child is the idea of sticking a thermometer up their bum. These soft, flexible single-use patches offer 24/7 continuous wireless monitoring for keeping an eye on their fever without invading their privacy or waking them up. Buy for 04-Temptraq-SOURCE-Temptraq


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